"Lucid Dream" Shamanic Herbal Smoking Blend


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"Lucid Dream" Shamanic Herbal Smoking Blend
"Lucid Dream" Shamanic Herbal Smoking Blend
"Lucid Dream" Shamanic Herbal Smoking Blend
"Lucid Dream" Shamanic Herbal Smoking Blend
"Lucid Dream" Shamanic Herbal Smoking Blend

"Lucid Dream" Shamanic Herbal Blend

Ingredients: Egyptian Blue Lotus, Mugwort, Calea Zacatechichi, White Sage
Infused with: Lavender, CBD & Ayahuasca Vine
As Multi Dimensional Beings of Light, we have access to much more psychic power and abilities than we may realize. We live in a time where we have forgotten as a society our true nature and celestial energy.
Lucid Dreams are essentially dreams where the dreamer is asleep, yet conscious that they are not awake and are currently in a dream world. During a Lucid Dream, one may have the ability to do whatever it is they wish to access at that time. Many Services and People claim to know how to activate this tool within us, yet there are actually many herbs within the earth that activate this realm very powerfully.
We have gathered some of the most powerful Lucid Dreaming herbs from all around the world and placed them beautifully into this one blend, infused with Ayahuasca Vine & CBD for maximum Shamanic Activation of REM Sleep.
This Special Blend Consists of:
Calea Zacatechichi (Mexican Dream Herb) This Dream herb is one of the most powerful Lucid Dreaming herbs on the planet, and is scientifically proven to increase Dream Recall, Hypnagogic Memory, and Dream Intensity. This Shrub is grown in Oaxaca and contains flavones that activate a Vivid Spiritual Dream Realm when inhaled before sleep.
Mugwort: is a revered Herb that has been used for Pain Medicine, Magic & Manifestation Spells. This Herb unlocks chambers of Ancient DNA and knowledge within the brain. This herb contains a high amount of antioxidants that create the effect of Vivid and Spiritual Dreams.
Egyptian Blue Lotus (Nymphaea Caerulea) This Flower is a very Sacred Medicine used by the Egyptians for Centuries for feelings of well being, euphoric states, sacred visions & pain relief. This is an Ancient Remedy used by People all over the World.
White Sage: This herb is a Famous Spiritual Protector used within many Native Tribes all around the world. When Dried and Smoked, this herb can produce relaxation and clear memory. When mixed with the Powerful Herbs of Lucid Dreaming, this sacred herb keeps our Astral Body protected at all times when journeying through Realms.


Sacred Infusion:

Lavender: The Infusion of Lavender allows this Medicine to have a Beautiful Essence. This compliments the Spirit of our Medicine, and allows it to Vibrate at a Higher Frequency for our Experience & aids in its relaxation.

CBD: We have added this beautiful cannabinoid to aid to the release of anxiety and promote a calm and relaxed state. This adds to the experience of preparation before Astral Travel.

Ayahuasca Vine: We have also infused this blend with the Spirit of Mother Aya, to produce a Ceremonial Enhanced Effect to the Preparation of Astral Travel and Meditation. This infusion combined with our CBD creates a unique Experience that allow the Magic of our Herbs to unlock our Maximum Dream capacity.


Dosage Amount:

1 Gram Tin: 40 MG of CBD & 150 MG of Caapi Vine Alkaloids

5 Gram Tin: 200 MG of CBD & 750 MG of Caapi Vine Alkaloids

10 Gram Tin: 400 MG of CBD & 1500 MG of Caapi Vine Alkaloids

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Emily R.
What a Blend!

I was so happy with everything about this blend. The smell, the effects, and even better the long lasting euphoria within my dreams. I feel like I can really connect with my inner Spirit World while sleeping. Thank you for this Magical Blend, SacredTherapy