“Across the World” Discount

$50 Off Your Next Ceremony for East Coast Travelers
Here at Cosmic Valley Native America’s Church, we understand the struggle of Traveling and Paying for Transportation when arriving to our Ayahuaca Ceremonies from afar.
We have set up a $50 Ceremony Discount to those who are traveling from the Eastern Half of the United States, and any other Country in the world. Now when reserving a seat, you may put more Money into your Travels, and your Public ceremony price will decrease for any of our ceremony locations.
We also have a discount system for New Washington members who want to join a California Ceremony. If you are flying or driving from Washington to California, we will apply a $100 discount to your Ceremony Donation. This discount only applies for your first ceremony with us. If you are a returning member, this discount will not apply.

To Fill out a Ceremony Application for Approval of Ceremony Reservation: