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1. We are a spiritual church that holds private and public ayahuasca ceremonies. Our private ceremony consists of 3 days of integration and 2 nights of drinking ayahuasca. We provide the ceremony, our sacrament, full ayahuasca integration, bedding & shared bathroom w/ bath/shower, 2 light breakfasts, & after ceremony snacks.

2. We do not require any COVID Tests or Vaccinations prior to ceremony, & we do not share anyone’s personal medical information. If you are not okay with this, please do not send us a deposit or sign up for a ceremony as all deposit are Non-Refundable. We will provide extra sanitization in between our ceremonies & can place you 6 feet away from anyone’s head if requested.

3. Transportation to and from our church location is up to you, please arrive by no earlier than 3 PM and no later than 4 PM on the day of our first ceremony. We ask that you follow a vegan diet as closely as you can for one to two weeks prior to our ceremony. This includes but is not limited to fried food & excessive candy. We ask that you abstain from all drug use except for marijuana (if you are in a legal state) two to four weeks prior.

4. All members must have registered applications to book a ceremony with us. We will not accept donations towards ceremony unless we have approved you. We ask that you study up on the effects of Ayahuasca and work on our Ayahuasca Integration prior to joining a ceremony.

5. We do not require any specific clothing. You may wear what comforts you most, like pajamas or sweats. We do not allow cell phone use or any electronic use during our ceremonies. We will have you leave your phone with us before we start ceremony and we will give it back once we are done each night. Please let anyone that you need to know that you will not be near your phone during most of your experience.

6. Everyone signs a waiver form after arriving and prior to drinking our sacrament. This waiver form states that you will not be allowed to leave our ceremony until 6 AM the morning after your ceremony. We will have the right to hold onto your phone during ceremony as well. 

7. Our typical medicine ceremony lasts for around 5 to 7 hours, but we have seen this number vary many times. We ask you send us half of your donation prior to arriving through our website, to solidify your seat in our ceremony for the benefit of both of us. This is a nonrefundable donation.

8.  You may be of any race, belief system, or gender. We do not discriminate, and we choose our members based on those who are not a risk to our safety and theirs as well.

9. We are not Traditional South American Shamans. We are modern medicine workers focusing on sharing Ayahuasca through our own authentic ways. We believe that the spirit of Mother Aya wants to be spread all throughout modern America. We are trained to work with Americans of all kinds and people who need the deepest healing to the deepest spiritual awakening. We are trained to work within the Spirit Realms and we always hold a protected ceremonial space. We believe that there is a shaman inside all of us, and we are here to help you every step of the way, to find your Shaman within through our sacrament.

10. Our Donations are non refundable because all members are reserved completely for ceremony, and we must decline everyone that applies after each ceremony is full. This is meant to be understood and respected by all members of our Church.


 SacredTherapy is an Ayurvedic medicinal online store. Our products are focused on health, along with using plants/herbs from all over the world that most can't obtain otherwise. We use the freshest, most organic materials possible and all of our processes and ingredients are 100% vegan. We are a Vegan, Conscious Herbal Site that is dedicated to using the earths gifts as medicine in the most pure ways. 

Our store consists of Teas, Tinctures, Smoking Blends & Dietary Supplements all containing materials from countries all around the world, specifically South America, Hawaii & Asia.

All of our products are 100% legal and are not psychoactive. Our church serves Ayahuasca as a sacrament, but our Store is separate from our Native Americas Church.

Our store does not sell Ayahuasca and the only way to receive this sacrament is to become a Cosmic Valley Native Americas Church member (CNAC) 



Spencer Lorenz is our Head Shaman, Brewer & Founder of CNAC  


Spencer has led ceremonies for 5 years now, sharing his medicine with over 1000 people from all around the world. Spencer is devoted to sharing Ayahuasca, and has been consistently trained for half a decade by multiple shamans & yogic teachers. 

Spencer started his first years learning at Ayahuasca Churches in the United States, which led to further studying within multiple Ayahuasca/Peyote Ceremonies, Vision Quests, Yoga,/Breath & Merkaba Activation Workshops all around the world from USA, Mexico, Thailand, & Lebanon. Spencer has spent two years learning the Lakota Tradition Within Sacred Inipi Ceremonies.

One of Spencer's most interesting trips was visiting Beirut and the Middle East to study Penganum Harmala (Syrian Rue), its true effects & history/origins:

Beirut, Lebanon 2018


Spencer has taken and completed First Aid Training, Psychology Courses on Sexual Abuse Victims, Drug Abuse Victims, and Mental Hypnosis on the Subconscious Mind. He has utilized all of these tools and skills into his craft with the Spirit Realms & Sacred Medicine Ceremonies.

Spencer prefers a beautiful & cosmic environment with medicine that is strong enough to reach a full spiritual experience that one can share with Mother Aya.

"I am fully devoted to you and your sacred medicine experience. I have spent years crafting this brew, dedicated to release the most powerful spiritual realms & most unique visual experience for the healing journey of our members.”

Since Spencers first Ayahuasca experience, he claims to have found his soul meaning and true power of manifestation.

"I was once a lost soul, conditioned with a life that led to constant danger in an unhealthy lifestyle & environment. I found Mother Aya at the brink of my death, and since then my life has been a dream come true. I've learned to become the co creator of my life, and find balance within my chaos. I now do what I love, and I am devoted to sharing this medicine with as many people as I can in this lifetime in the safest way possible. I am living proof that magic is real, all you have to do is take the step within."

Spencer says that out of all of his training and education, his strongest influence in medicine work comes from his countless nights assisting in US Ayahuasca Ceremonies & Nights Spent working with the Medicine privately, building his relationship with the Spirit Realm.  

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If you have any questions about our website/church/services, you can email us at sacredtherapyUS@gmail.com and we will be sure to respond and provide a phone number to call within the next week.