Rapé Applicator (Tepi & Kuripe)


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Rapé Applicator (Tepi & Kuripe)
Rapé Applicator (Tepi & Kuripe)

If you are looking for a high quality applicator for your Shamanic Snuff, look no further!


Our applicators are professionally made by our Soul Tribes in Indonesia with Ebony Wood & Sono Wood.


A Kuripe is a pipe meant to be used to self-administer Rapé for yourself. It is long enough to fit into ones nostril and ones mouth at the same time, allowing air to flow from the Rapé to the nose.

A Tepi is a pipe meant to be used to administer rapé to another person. It is long enough to allow the person to stay far enough to the rapé takes, and curved so you don’t have to bend to deliver the snuff in the other person’s nostril.

Every applicator is blessed and prayed with by our Head Shaman.

If you purchase both applicators, you will receive $10 off your full order compared to two separate orders.

We hope you enjoy our creations. 🙏

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