Ayahuasca Ceremony in America

Welcome fellow soul seekers of all kinds, we are Cosmic Valley Native Americas Church.
Cosmic Valley is a special place designed for all those who seek to open themselves up to their spiritual body and receive a cleansing through the spirit of Ayahuasca.
Many of our members understand what it's like to live with addiction, PTSD, depression, anxiety, and childhood traumas. So many of us in this world are living with bottled up emotional baggage that we just can't seem to release, which eventually manifests itself into our lives and impacts us negatively.
Ayahuasca is a spiritual tool to connect to our multidimensional sense and heighten our vibration. Many receive visions and spiritual gifts, along with emotional and spiritual/psychic intuition.
With Ayahuasca, one can receive the type of healing that one can receive through years of intense therapy/meditation/yoga which is much more than any holistic service has to offer in one weekend.
Cosmic Valley is a place where all members can release what is needed from their roots and unite together through spiritual growth and universal power. People of any religion, gender, race, belief, or sin are welcome and can join with open doors to find their true meaning of God, universal source, or higher spirit.
Ayahuasca is our sacrament, and we allow our members to receive as much of our sacrament that is needed in one night to achieve proper spiritual communication. Our head shaman brews our medicine fresh with all organic ingredients and processes so you can trust what it is you are drinking.


We do not recreate South American style ceremonies. We are modern & ordained medicine people from North America with multiple years of holding ceremonies & consistent training with US Ayahuasca churches. We share the medicine with a holistic and Yogic approach and we care deeply about each and every one of our members. We are passionately trained medicine people who are devoted to your ceremonial experience and provide full integration before and after your ceremony.

To Join our Private or Public ceremonies, you must be a member of Cosmic Valley Native Americas Church (CNAC). To be a member of our church, you must fill out an application which you can find here:

Once you fill out an application, we will review and reply with an approval or disapproval. If you receive an approval, we will send you an official member certificate and you may choose from our private/public ceremonies. You can view our ceremonies under “Ceremony Schedule”.

We are a Church based out of Washington, Oregon & California.

You may email us at sacredtherapyUS@gmail.com for further contact and information from our head facilitator & team.