Be The Medicine: A Shamans Guide to Conscious Living


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Be The Medicine: A Shamans Guide to Conscious Living
In a world full of love and pain, it sometimes seems impossible to always live the happy life that we all envision growing up as a child. We live in a day and age with so many questions about what is right and wrong, that we are constantly searching for the truth around us and from other people, rather than understanding it from within and following our intuition.
As the Founder and Head Shaman of CNAC, I have taken all significant knowledge learned from within the years of Medicine Work to formulate a cheat sheet on how to maximize your bodies Chi Energy and Utilize the Magic around us and within us every day.
This book contains knowledge from teaching with multiple Master Shamans, 3 years of facilitating Ayahuasca ceremonies, Health and Chakra courses from 4 different countries, 75+ Out of Body Journeys with Higher Frequency Beings & Years of Teachings from multiple Native American traditions & Yogic Practice.


Our Table of Contents Include:
  1. Intro
  2. What is Shamanism?
  3. Reconditioning our Reality
  4. The Influence of Language
  5. Love your Ego
  6. Understanding Chi Energy
  7. Balance Of Physical, Emotional & Spiritual Health
  8. Spiritual Health: Detachment, Intention & Compassion
  9. Physical Health: Conscious Eating, Fasting & Stretching
  10. Emotional Health: Contentment, Balance & Patience
  11. Easy Transition To New Lifestyle
  12. Integrating Psychedelic Medicine
  13. Psychic Ability/Shamanic Magic: Channeling/Telepathy, Manifesting, Lucid Dreaming, Spells, Sigils & Merkaba Activation
  14. Death, A Beautiful Transition


For Members of Cosmic Valley Native Americas Church, this ebook is free and downloadable at any time with easy access. For those who are not members and wish to experience this recorded knowledge, we ask that you pay a donation of anything from $10 to $20 depending on your financial status and appreciation of our Service & Spiritual Mission :)