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Red & Yellow Banisteriopsis Caapi Vine Tea | Peruvian Yage


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Red & Yellow Banisteriopsis Caapi Vine Tea | Peruvian Yage
Red & Yellow Banisteriopsis Caapi Vine Tea | Peruvian Yage
Red & Yellow Banisteriopsis Caapi Vine Tea | Peruvian Yage
Red & Yellow Banisteriopsis Caapi Vine Tea | Peruvian Yage
Red & Yellow Banisteriopsis Caapi Vine Tea | Peruvian Yage
Red & Yellow Banisteriopsis Caapi Vine Tea | Peruvian Yage
Disclaimer: ALL products used to make our teas are 100% LEGAL and do not contain ANY illegal chemicals or substances.  

In today’s society, we face an unnatural separation from ourselves and nature. Many of us are lacking peace and happiness from within to balance our busy modern lives. These problems can stem from irregular diet, chemical imbalance, unresolved trauma, lack of meditation, and so much more.
Banisteriopsis caapi 
is a vine from the amazon jungle, used by many tribes and South Americans in traditional shamanic teas. The vine contains life enhancing alkaloids such as harmine, tetrahydroharmine, and harmaline. Some of these alkaloids are also found in our Syrian Rue, which is the most frequently used medicine to treat hypertension and cardiac disease world-wide. 
Our Caapi vine tea and Syrian Rue promote happiness, chemical re balance and enhanced neuro-protection on a physical/emotional/spiritual level with a
Full Spectrum of Harmalas, 
Allowing your body to:
  • Promote natural serotonin reuptake
  • Regenerate Chakra System
  • Reduce brain inflammation and stress
  • Produce new nerve cells
  • Rebuild brain receptors
  • Decrease production of tumor cells
  • Decrease blood pressure and resistance
  • Reduce hear rate
  • Create Neurogenisis in the brain
Our Caapi vine is harvested and blessed by a 21 year shamanic teacher in Pucallpa, Peru and brewed here in our kitchen by our trained master brewer at SacredTherapy. We strive to fill our product with pure love and healing intentions from the jungle, to our kitchen, and in your hands. Every batch of tea is 100% filtered, organically percolated and reduced for a duration of 24 hours. Through our organic percolation process, our vine is potentiated up to 10 times stronger than traditionally brewed tea. 
We have decided to include free Syrian Rue capsules with every purchase of Caapi tea!
 Ceremonial Dose:
On an empty stomach, drink 4 oz of Caapi Vine Tea with 3 Syrian Rue Capsules.
Supplemental Dose:
On an empty stomach, drink 2-3 oz of Caapi Vine tea and 1 Capsule of Syrian Rue. Best time to take is early morning. 
4 OZ = 50 Grams of Caapi Vine
8 OZ = 100 Grams of Caapi vine 
16 OZ = 200 Grams of Caapi vine
32 OZ = 400 Grams of Caapi vine tea
A Care package is sent with proper instructions provided for every purchase.
Buy our brew to change your life today!
Do not buy our products if you are pregnant, taking any medications or if you have any pharmaceuticals or drugs in your system. If you buy our product, please don't consume on a full or heavy stomach. Our products have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. All research information is provided for educational purposes.
ALL plants used to make tea are LEGAL and do not contain ANY illegal chemicals or substance.


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Real Plant Medicine!

A very deep and revealing experiece. I recommend the full ceremonial dose as a first time experience for anyone new to plant medicine like me.


Thank you Sunyata :) We appreciate your feedback and hope you continue your sacred path of Love & Healing :) Namaste & Many Blessings <3

Such a Nice Vibration

I was so surprised with how mellow and smooth this experience was. I took the Caapi Vine Tea with the Syrian Rue capsules without any Chacruna, and it really helped me warm up to a more intense experience :) I feel much happier and lighter after three days of this medicine in the morning! I recommend this tea to anyone who wants a niced introduction to sacred medicine :) Thank you SacredTherapy!

Great work :)

Great product, great work to humanity you are doing here, Namaste :)

Great Quality

Bought product from multiple vendors , and this is by far the best! Thx a bunch!


As described, quick shipping, and clear instructions! Thank you

Thank You

This was a great product. I will be buying more! Definitely recommend this tea.