San Diego, CA: US Ayahuasca Ceremony September 30th-October 2nd 2022


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San Diego, CA: US Ayahuasca Ceremony September 30th-October 2nd 2022

Greetings Fellow Soul Seekers

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We welcome you to Cosmic Valley's Indoor Ayahuasca Ceremony where people of all race, gender, and belief systems are accepted.
This September 30th-October 2nd Ceremony will be held about 30 minutes north of downtown San Diego within a beautiful, peaceful location enabling you to find serenity.
The address location will be provided to every member whose application is approved and reserved for our Sacrament.
This will be a small group of 8-12 members with 1-2 facilitators.
Prior to joining any Ceremony, we ask that you purchase a Lifetime Membership. You may do so by clicking here:
If you still have not signed up & you are interested in joining, we are now offering a discounted donation rate of $548.

$349 is normally one half of the minimum offering, and the other half is usually donated at our Church location before we get started. With our discount, each half will be $275 instead.
($599 + $99 = $698 divided into two deposits)
($698 - $150 = $548 full donation applied with discount)
The first half is NON REFUNDABLE and will be used to utilize supplies for Ceremony. This Offering is to pay for the reservation in your name and will not be returned.
You can contact our Head Shaman at:
Our accommodations include two nights of our Sacrament (as much as you need for a full spiritual experience), comfortable bedding, a complete Vegan breakfast/lunch on Saturday, Sauna use in-between Ceremonies, two after ceremony snacks/meals, a shower to use whenever needed, & complete Shamanic Integration before, during, and after all Ceremonies.


All of those who wish to attend our two day Ceremony must be members of our Native Americas Church and have an approved CNAC application. Once you submit an application and are approved, you may sign up for a lifetime membership to reserve your seat in our Indoor Ceremony.

We encourage you to bring anything that will help you feel more at home and comfortable. We provide blankets, pillows, and bedding. You will provide your own toothbrush, toothpaste, clothes, &  towel.

To fill out our Application Process:


If you have any further questions you may email our Churches Inquiry Manager at:  


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