Private USA Ayahuasca Ceremony


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Private USA Ayahuasca Ceremony
Private USA Ayahuasca Ceremony
Private USA Ayahuasca Ceremony
Private USA Ayahuasca Ceremony
Do not reserve your donation until your application has been approved. You will be refunded until further approval if you do not follow directions.
$900 is ONE HALF of the minimum donation, and we ask that you pay this before our ceremony to reserve your seat within our schedule. This half is non refundable and will be processed after approval of application.
Private Ceremony Donation:
$1800 OR $1500 for Two Members (Each)
Upon Schedule
Eugene, Oregon (Indoors)
Our private ceremony includes a cosmic journey of two nights and three days, both nights including a one on one Ayahuasca Ceremony with our Head Shaman/Brewer/Owner of Cosmic Valley Native Americas Church (CNAC).
Our accommodations include three light breakfasts, two dinners, your own room/shower/bathtub, and as much Ayahuasca as you need during each ceremony to reach your full sacrament.
To receive our private ceremony, you must be a member of CNAC and have an approved Application. Once you have submitted your application, we will review and respond within 24 hours to two weeks.
Once your application is approved, we will be in immediate contact and agree upon a ceremony date that fits our schedule and yours. Then, you may reserve your seat with us by sending half of your donation, and receive one on one phone  integration upon arrival. 
Our private ceremony is located in Eugene, Oregon
To fill out our application process: 

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